Under the Dream Temple

from by Dave Seidel



Buddha Machine 3 with two drones and additional processing.

Sound sources: 
- melody: Buddha Machine 3 (Chang Fang 禅房) 
- high drone: Nebulophone through DEP-2b 
- low drone: Chaos NAND Synth though 4ms/Repeater Noise Swash 

Processing loop: Moogerfoogers (Ring Modulator, MuRF, and ClusterFlux), Deluxe Memory Man with Hazarai, Boomerang III, Ekdahl Moisturizer. 

Recorded direct from mixer to Zoom H5 on September 12, 2015, at home. Normalized and EQ'd in Audacity.


from The Problem Of Moments, released June 9, 2016




Dave Seidel New Hampshire

"~60 Hz" CD on Irritable Hedgehog: recordings.irritablehedgehog.com/album/dave-seidel-60-hz.

Also several free netlabel releases listed at mysterybear.net.

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