Porch, Rain, Thunder

by Dave Seidel & Alan Morse Davies



Dave Seidel and I had a conversation. We are friends. What resulted
from that is a single, unedited and unprocessed 48m recording in 24/96 HD.

To my ears it's awesome.

- Alan Morse Davies


Please note: the file uploaded here is a 48K/24-bit FLAC (though BandCamp will offer you other, lossier formats). If you purchase the release and download it, you will receive a file with a link to download the higher-resolution 96K/24-bit version of the file, made directly from the original 96K/24-bit WAV recording.

- DS


released March 20, 2016

Recording made by Dave Seidel in southern New Hampshire, early evening 30 July 2015.

Concept, encouragement, cover design, and liner notes by Alan Morse Davies.




Dave Seidel New Hampshire

"~60 Hz" CD on Irritable Hedgehog: recordings.irritablehedgehog.com/album/dave-seidel-60-hz.

Also several free netlabel releases listed at mysterybear.net.

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